Taking a break from work hunting. 
Painted an OC, Wrath. I lost interest after the first two hours so I left it there. I kind of like the unfinished look anyway. <:
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Needed a break from job hunting and interviews so i sketched an old OC, Chigaru. He needed a redesign anyway :T
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Coloured page. Not entirely happy with it but hey, what can you do.
A comic about robots and police by me, coming never to a tumblr near you.
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Playing with comic panels and stuff. Linearting this way takes a long time but its kind of satisfying at the end I guess. Might colour it.
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I was reading Paranatural while LoL was patching, then when it decided not to work I drew the main kid. Quick and messy, sorry for butchering your character, Zack. 
If you havent read Paranatural, go read it here.




The Inside of a Violin

Well I know exactly how to design my future house now, thank you very much.

So cool. o_o

holy shit
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